David Lynch – Star Dream Girl (2013)

Star Dream Girl is the second track on The Big Dream by David Lynch.

1. The Big Dream
2. Star Dream Girl
3. Last Call
4. Cold Wind Blowin’
5. The Ballad of Hollis Brown
6. Wishin’ Well
7. Say It
8. We Rolled Together
9. Sun Can’t Be Seen No More
10. I Want You
11. The Line it Curves
12. Are You Sure
The Big Dream consists of eleven original “modern blues” songs and a Bob Dylan cover [source]



Thanks, David Lynch.

This blogpost is a very special thanks to David Lynch, who inspired me to find my inner diamond. Forever greatfull.

David Lynch in Belo Horizonte, Brazil with 5000 meditating children:

“I think true love is not only true personal love but totality of love, universal love – to be in love with everything manifest and everything unmanifest.”
– David Lynch